FLIP’s parent company, Quality Office Liquidations was incorporated in 2004 as an affiliate of the W.K. Leach Company.  Quality Office Liquidations has been one of the country’s largest wholesale distributors of used office furnishings since 1991. QOL was established to provide warehousing, distribution and a premier retail source for quality pre-owned furnishings & related services. From our 40,000 sq.ft. Distribution Center, strategically located in Stockton, CA, we provide complete office furniture products and services  throughout all of Northern California and nationally.

With over 30 years in the office furniture industry, we have the contacts and knowledge to provide the best solutions for all your office furniture requirements. As members of Office Furniture Dealers Association (OFDA), The OfficeGuild, and Office Furniture Recyclers (OFR), we have the national contacts to purchase and sell large volumes of high quality pre-owned office furniture.

Our mission at Quality Office Liquidations is to provide quality and value while making the buying experience pleasurable.

Our Vision

We are committed to creating, delivering, and maintaining unique, progressive workplace solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals more effectively and positively impact their communities and environment. We provide a benchmark of excellence for service, quality, industry leadership and social consciousness in our community.

Our Mission

We want to be our client’s most valued resource, helping them work more effectively through the utilization of our knowledge, experience, teamwork, flexibility, and ability to embrace change. We want to be recognized as a dynamic and unique collaboration of resources providing the broadest spectrum of solutions for the workplace while positively impacting our environment and community. We strive to provide a sophisticated vehicle to introduce, show, market and sell commercial office solutions throughout the Western United States and beyond.

Environmental Considerations

A core tenant of FLIP’s business philosophy is the responsible stewardship of the earth.  We do not believe in, nor condone, unnecessary pollution or waste in any form.  Our business strategy is to maximize our various resources including manpower, energy and pre-owned products to find office furniture solutions that are genuinely environmentally responsible.  Our business model is derived from a genuine belief that re-use is a high value proposition.


Victor Martinez (Warehouseman)

Victor was born in Mexico but has lived in Stockton for many years.  He is bilingual and  received his Associates Arts degree from Delta college.  He also attended Sacramento State and has worked in the architectural drafting field including work on civil engineering projects.

He is a family man who has strong religious convictions and enjoys evening walks and grill time barbequing.  His love of Latin music & Spanish culture is reflected in his choice of background entertainment while engaged in his work.

The Flip Team

Stephen Hinton (Warehouse & Inventory)

Steve was born in Sacramento and raised in the Bay Area.  He joined Flip Office after several years at Tesla.  He has a military background with 4 years of Naval service. During this period of his life, he had the opportunity to travel the world and gain diverse experiences.  He brings an organized and methodical mind to the team and has worked in inventory control in the past.

Steve is a family man with a son and daughter.  He loves Gaming and is a “Die-hard” Raiders Fan.  He is entrepreneurial and is always thinking of ways to improve himself.

Pete Bednarek (Sales Manager)

Pete has an extensive background in sales and business management.
A former CEO, he has led business teams and developed sales organizations. A graduate of Cal State Long Beach, Pete has an in depth knowledge in developing and managing sales organizations. A people person, Pete loves engaging with customers and establishing lasting relationships for both himself and the company. Pete embraces the understanding that meeting the customers expectations is paramount to a companies long term success.

Mike Capello (Operations Manager)

Designer, installer, project manager, sales consultant, engineer, “Mr. Fixit” is our “swiss army knife”.  After 25 years in the office furniture industry Mike has “seen it all” and done “most of it”. Today, Mike’s role at FLIP is as the operations manager.  He handles design, technical support, delivery logistics and warehouse operations.  He typically acts as the conduit between our clients needs and providing solutions base on our available inventories. He regularly supports our sales staff in client meetings and can also be found at his desk doing CAD drawings or in the shop advising on how to modify products for today’s applications.

When not working, Mike enjoys golf, fishing, auto racing, his grandson and his beloved Oakland A’s.

Mario Patron (Administrative Manager)

As our Administration Manager Mario is responsible for company finances, human resources, payroll, and the occasional wall that needs painting.
He is a graduate of CSU Fresno, earning a B.S. in Finance.
He brings over 30 years business experience in Auto Finance, Real Estate Finance, Banking, Title Company, and running a large legal program thru the Superior Court.
A family first type person who loves to travel, watch and play sports, work on cars, and wood working like his father. He is bilingual in Spanish, an animal lover, and is just about certified to fly that Hawker 700 he has his eye on.

Kimberlee Stewart (Sales Coordinator & Customer Support)

Kim is typically the face and voice of the company. (The rose amongst thorns….)
Born and raised in Stockton, Kim now lives in Lodi with her 8 year old daughter, dog and 2 cats.
She is an alum of St. Mary High School and attended Delta College. She has a background in Audiology and customer support.
She is athletic and loves to run “Lodi Lake”, swim and engage in most activities related to outdoors health and fitness

Jesus Galvan (Delivery & Installation Specialist)

Jesse is the newest member of the Flip Office team.  Born & raised in Stockton, he spent 7 years in Texas before returning to his roots. He is part California Native American and is a member of the Miwok tribe.

He is a high quality furniture installer with technical skills with both systems and conventional furniture.  He is a family guy a who cherishes time spent with family.

Efrain Solis-Castaneda (Field Technician)

Efrain has become a key team member of our delivery and installation department.  After 4  years with Flip-Office, he has mastered the technical elements required to properly handle and install office furnishings.  A skill craftsman, Efrain is also very personable and committed to efficiency and outstanding customer service.

When not working, you will likely find Efrain with either a fishing pole or exercise equipment in hand….

Chris Mabon (Design Consultant)

Chris is our primary CAD designer & space planning consultant. He brings a background in the arts & is very talented in his artistic pursuits. Starting in the operational side of the business, Chris has in depth knowledge of furniture and application of our inventories.
When not designing, Chris loves family time with his wife and 2 young sons. He is also an accomplished Marshall Arts practitioner who has even fought in MMA competitions.

Bill Leach (CEO & Owner)

My wife and I love to travel! You can find us in various parts of the world at any given time: Europe, Asia, Philippines, Mexico, South America, Caribbean, South Pacific (there is a lot left to explore & we have the passports ready at all times!) When stateside, we are proud of and passionate about our blended family which includes 6 children and 11 beautiful grandchildren. Always thinking about heath and fitness, my wife Frances and I enjoy exercising, gardening and numerous other outdoors activities.

At work, I am the Team Leader… the mentor… the one with the ideas… some of which are listened to (at least that’s what our staff tells me).

I am passionate about the Green Story that we represent.  Here’s the evolution of my career:

  • Graduated from the University of California, Davis in 1976 (Anthropology/Archaeology with lots of geology and earth sciences)
  • Starting working in Office Furniture operations while attending college (1971pc… Pre-Cubicle)
  • Upon graduation, I continued my furniture industry career in the Bay Area as a sales associate (veto grad-school as I was married with a baby)
  • In the early 80’s my office furniture career quickly advanced by establishing business relationships with many of the emerging companies in early Silicon Valley
  • Beginning in the mid-80’s I worked for a major Steelcase dealer in San Jose and got my start in the liquidation side of the business as part of a 2,000-office new furniture sale that included a “buy back” of existing furniture which I executed
  • In 1991 I left “the corporate world” and established the W.K. Leach Company to focus my energy on the pre-owned industry that was quickly evolving
  • In 2004 I established Quality Office Liquidations at the current location – Port of Stockton, to establish warehousing and distribution of quality pre-owned furniture in Northern California
  • In 2018, we became FLIP-Office Furnishings to help distinguish our brand as a pre-owned and new office furniture supplier

Over the course of 15 years, I am very proud of the professional team we have assembled to accommodate your projects of any size, from your private home office to complete facilities. 

ALEANDRO DUENAS (Inventory Management/Sales Consultant)

“Coach Alex” bring to Flip Office over 10 year of office furniture expertise. From a start as an installer for a major Bay Area company, Alejandro has progressed to Lead installer, inventory management supervisor, warehouse manager & inventory IT developer. Alejandro has migrated into our sales group which utilizes his many areas of expertise including his people skills.
A dedicated family man, Alejandro spends a great deal of his “non-business” hours coaching local youth soccer and baseball teams. His enthusiasm and people skills are demonstrated in his ability to develop the young people on his teams to great success on the Athletic field.